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No more hassle

There is no manual work for you. Payroll is integrated. Changes in contributions are synced. We take care of on-boarding, education and annual filings.


Intelligent Investments

Employees get personalized spending projections, shortfall tracking, and savings advice directly in their account.


Concierge Service

A dedicated account manager will guide you through set-up, seamlessly transfer your current 401(k), and support you and your employees.

We do all the work

We’ll setup, manage and take liability for your 401(k), so you can focus on growing your business.


We design your plan & investment menu


We connect to your payroll


We enroll employees & provide financial education


We invest plan assets, which are held at a qualified custodian


We prepare notices & filings that can be sent with one click

Investment Management

Built by finance professionals

We are a team of engineers and investment professionals with real world experience. We designed portfolio management software for some of the largest asset managers and traded $6 billion daily for large pension funds.3

Risk Targeted Portfolios

Our portfolios are individually designed for an employee’s personal risk profile, making it more likely they stay invested. This means they are more likely to experience higher investment returns in the long run.

Independent Fund Selection

We select the best fund for each asset class using multiple criteria, with the employee’s best interest in mind. We have no conflicts of interest, so our funds are selected purely based on merit. We review and replace the funds every three months without any transaction costs to the plan.

Full Investment Discretion

We select and monitor your plan's investment choices, and have discretion to change them if they're performing poorly. Usually other providers only offer advice and don't have discretion to make changes.


OctaveWealth vs. Typical Investor

Typical return of 3.17% as calculated by DALBAR. OctaveWealth return is estimated by adding outperformance for the listed portfolio features.

Rebalancing +0.40%

Portfolio allocations drift as prices move. We use rebalancing to reduce risk, which increases returns in certain market conditions. Estimate based on Unconventional Success by David Svensen.

Diversification +0.60%

Traditional retirement portfolios invest in three asset classes: US Equity, US Debt and International Equity. OctaveWealth portfolios are diversified across 9 asset classes. Simulations of both approaches show diversification adds 0.6% on average.

Cost Saving +1.00%

We don't chart percentage fees based on assets managed because they erode invesment growth. We estimate a 1.00% saving when compared to typical small plans that charge 1%-1.32%. (Centre for American Progress).

Index Investing +1.24%

On average, an index investment style beats active investment management after fees. Estimate based on S&P Active Versus Passive Scorecard (SPIVA).

Behavior Gap +1.56%

Investors often try to increase growth by timing the market. On average these decisions negatively impact returns versus a buy-and-hold approach, this is called the Behavior Gap. Estimate based on Friesen & Sapp.

For illustrative purposes only. This is not a prediction or guarantee of future performance, and is not based on actual client trading data. Data as of 01/01/2016.

Account protection and security

OctaveWealth uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.

OctaveWealth is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All investments are held in a secure trust in your name with a third-party qualified custodian. Our brokerage partner is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which insures your company’s account up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash).